Wilseder Berg – the hill at the heart of Lüneburg Heath

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The 169 metre-high Wilseder Berg is located in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park  and is the highest point on the North German Plain. A panoramic view of the woodlands and heath can be enjoyed from the summit stone at the top. The church spires in Hamburg and Lüneburg can also be seen on a clear day.


In the centre of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve

Wilseder Berg is located in the centre of Europe's largest moorland region. The top of the hill affords a fantastic view over the expansive heathland with all its flowers. The heathland covers a total area of 230 km2 and were placed under a preservation order in 1921 due to the fact that they are home to rare species of flora and fauna.


Virtually all the area around Wilseder Berg is restricted to cars. Vehicles are only allowed on the car park access roads in the towns surrounding the nature reserve. This means that visitors can enjoy a peaceful hike or bike ride to Wilseder Berg, ‘disturbed’ only by the sounds of nature. A fantastic experience!


Wilseder Berg is one of the first pieces of land that belonged to the nature conservation area as we know it today. It was purchased on behalf of the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. (Nature Reserve Association) in 1910 by the well-known pastor Wilhelm Bode from Egestorf.


Hiking to Wilseder Berg

If you would like to walk to Wilseder Berg on foot, we recommend the following:

Park in the car park in Niederhaverbeck. Wilseder Berg is very well signposted from here (the direct route is approx. 4.5 km/60 mins).


Cycling to Wilseder Berg

Cycle paths surround Wilseder Berg, starting from all surrounding towns. Please make sure that your tyre thread is thick enough. You are riding in a nature conservation area and most paths are either dirt tracks or sand.


A horse-drawn carriage ride to Wilseder Berg

No-one should leave Lüneburg Heath without having ridden in a horse-drawn carriage. It’s great fun, especially as cars are banned form this nature reserve. Horse-drawn carriages wait to pick up passengers at almost all car parks in the towns surrounding Wilseder Berg. If you would like to book a horse-drawn carriage ride in advance, you can do so easily here .


The Heath’s famous horse-drawn carriages take passengers to Wilsede, leaving from almost all towns around Wilseder Berg. A trip one way usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Horse-drawn carriages leave from Undeloh on a scheduled basis. The small town of Wilsede, which can be reached by foot, bike or horse-drawn carriage, is home to several sites of interest and the perfect place for spending a little time out.


Towns around Wilseder Berg:

·          Bispingen

·          Behringen

·          Volkwardingen

·          Oberhaverbeck and Niederhaverbeck

·          Undeloh

·          Egestorf

·          Hanstedt

·          Handeloh

·          Schneverdingen


Please note:

Wilseder Berg and the heathland town of Wilsede are located within the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve and cannot be accessed by car.


Parking: You can leave your car in the visitors’ car parks in Niederhaverbeck, Oberhaverbeck, Volkwardingen, Döhle and Undeloh. Hiking paths lead from the visitors’ car parks up Wilseder Berg. Alternatively, you can cycle or take a horse-drawn carriage to Wilsede and walk up the hill from there.


GPS addresses of the car parks on the edge of the nature reserve:

  • Udeloh visitors’ car park Wilseder Strasse, 21274 Undeloh (the car park is at the end of the street). Coordinates: N53.192311  E9.977018
  • Döhle visitors’ car park: Dorfstrase, at the corner of Hörpeler Weg, 21272 Döhle. Coordinates: N53.163745  E10.035300
  • Niederhaverbeck visitors’ car park: on the L121, Niederhaverbeck 14, 29646 Niederhaverbeck. Coordinates: N53.150891  E9.908516
  • Oberhaverbeck visitors’ car park: on the L121, 29646 Oberhaverbeck. Coordinates: N53.143027  E9.919340
  • Volkwardingen visitors’ car park: on the K34 in Volkardingen, 29646 Volkwardingen. Coordinates: N53.134477  E9.997257

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