Watch the famous Heidschnucke on its way home to the stable in the Misselhorn Heath

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Watch the famous Heidschnucke on its way home to the stable
Experience the  herds of heather sheep and coming back to the stable in the Misselhorn Heath in the Südheide Nature Park  near Hermannsburg.

The Misselhorn Heath - Part of the Südheide Nature Park

The Misselhorner Heide is definitely one of the most beautiful heath areas in the Südheide Nature Park. A flock of Heidschnucken and sheep is in action here and takes care of the heath. In this way, our four-legged landscape maintainers contribute to the protection of our unique cultural landscape.

For visitors of the Lüneburger Heide it is one of the highlights to find a flock in the wide heath landscape. With a little luck, the flock can be spotted on hikes and bike tours in the Misselhorn Heath.

The flock on its way to the stable -  he special experience in the Lüneburg Heath

A very special experience is the entry of the flocks into their farms. The flock's stable is only 250 metres away from the Misselhorner Heide car park. The way from the car park to the flock's stable is signposted.

When does the Flock return to the stable?

Date:      Monday - Thursday from May till October

Time:        ca. 17 Uhr

Please note: Parking is only possible on the parking lot Misselhorner Heide.

You can watch the shepherd drive the flock into their stable after the hard work in the heath. There, a safe, dry and cuddly sheepfold awaits the animals as well delicious hay.

Experience an unforgettable moment on your holiday in the Lüneburger Heide by driving in the flocks of sheep and Heidschnucken in the beautiful Misselhorn Heath in the South Heath Nature Park.

Watching the flock drive in is free of charge.

The stable is only a few metres away from the Heidschnuckenweg, so that Heidschnuckenweg hikers can integrate the drive into their hike in a wonderful way. Simply follow the signs at the Misselhorner Heide car park.

How to find the car park "Misselhorner Heide"

You can reach the car park Misselhorner Heide via the K 17 Hermannsburg towards Unterlüß, after approx. 1.5 km after leaving Hermannsburg the car park is on the right. The car park is signposted "Misselhorner Heide".

Position: N52.823210  E10.136225

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